Business having a physical location such as plumber, agent, real estate, dentist, restaurant, and hotel can get the most out of the local search marketing. It is important to consider that local search marketing should be catchy for this would give you a breakthrough.

The SEO services Vancouver such as The Enlightened Leaders involve the searcher’s geographic interest or location in serving search results. It is good to know that there are various SEO or Search Engine Optimization activities which are very essential in improving local search rankings and some of them are as follow:

  • Claim page for Google Places.

Google Places pertains to the business directory of Google. If you already have any kind of business, you are now probably in directory. On the other hand, it is very important to consider your ranking to ensure to claim page for Google Places.

To have one, you just need to go to the Google Places then click “Get Stated” and just enter the nosiness phone number to know if the site exists.

  • Primary phone local code area

Local search can be improved by means of ensuring that area code of the business phone number should match the location of the business address.

  • Consistent phone number and address

Consistency is the main key for having a good local search rankings knowing that local engine searches such as Google are program software that are confused easily. To ensure consistent information, you need to create “Master Business Listing” having information regarding the business such as URL, description, phone numbers, address, and business name.

  • Display phone number and address on the website.

If the main purpose if your website is for business, it is very important to list the business phone number and address on the website for better local search.

  • Create page for every location.

We cannot deny that there are businesses having multiple location that is why there is a need to ensure that every location should have separate page in order to optimize the chances of having good ranking in the local search results.

  • Location Home Page should be optimized.

It is needed that the location home page should be optimized when it comes to its images, content, and meta-description.

  • Take advantage of online reviews.

These are considered to be the most reliable sources in purchasing information for decision. Lots of people are trusting online reviews most especially if there are lots of reviews. This would mainly affect the local search rankings and all you have to do is to check customers who have Gmail account then ask to document their own experiences with the business in Google Places.

Those are some of the ways on how to improve your local search rankings. Local search is one of the ways to know if your website is functional and know who your competitors are.  Hire local SEO services in Vancouver such as The Enlightened Leaders to boost your online presence. Since the local SEO is constantly changing, there is always a greater chance for you to succeed and make your website become the most visited which in turn,increases your profit.


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