Founded in 1999 by the Alibaba group, 9apps is one of the most popular apps where one can download his favourite games, and any other applications. This app has become a successful alternative to all other app stores which are the platforms of downloading the other popular apps. The features of this app which are customized keeping in mind the latest trends and requirements of the users all over the world has made the users opt for the 9apps free download. Being a cent percent secure and reliable app 9apps is increasingly being used by the android users for their app download requirements all over the world.

Steps to download 9apps

For a 9apps free download the following steps have to be taken by the user-

  • In the search tab of the web browser, type the name of the official site of 9apps, i.e. And press on the search button to view the results.
  • On the official site of the app find the download button and click on it.
  • To get the 9apps free download on your mobile, press on the install button.
  • Enjoy the free downloads of all your favourite apps and games via the app.

Benefits of 9apps

A 9apps free download can have so many benefits with respect to your device that it becomes the obvious best choice for you. Given below are the features of 9 apps which are bound to attract any person to this useful app-

  • A small size- The most common problem that the mobile users face these days is of insufficient memory. The primary reason of the popularity of this app is its small size. With the same facilities being provided at a smaller size, a 9 apps free download is bound to happen.
  • Unlimited downloads- There is not capping on the number of download that can be availed through this app. Additionally it does not make any restriction in the download and subsequent installation of any third party apps, unlike the other app downloading platforms in the market.
  • Compatibility- 9apps is an app which is compatible with almost all the types of android devices Be it android 2.1 or Nougat, all come under the downloading scope of 9 apps.
  • Faster downloading- One of the best features of this app is that it boosts up the downloading speed. The advantage of this feature is that it decreases the length of download, thereby saving time.
  • Safe downloads- One needs not have any security concerns at the back of his mind while downloading an app from 9apps as no virus or malware can come to your device while using this app. The security parameters of the 9apps are strong enough to keep any app which can damage your device out of it.

Hence without wasting time and energy over any other app, one should directly opt for a 9apps free download and avail the best in class services of the popular app.


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