The one exception is Local SEO in Birmingham and the reason for this is simply that Local SEO is different in the US where there is an ecosystem of local data aggregators that make it easy for Google to verify information and where Privacy laws are more lax. In the US Google ran a large campaign to provide insurance services for local business seeking a Local listing so they could then guarantee the work or products provided by these local providers. In the UK they have not attempted such a deeply integrated approach, but nevertheless Local SEO is a very important investment for any small business that depends on a local audience or nay chain of local branches.

Once you understand these distinctions and the different approaches required to gain a high premium listing in Birmingham as opposed the  US then there is no confusion.

Digital marketing in Birmingham

Digital is fundamentally the same as anywhere else though perhaps the opportunities are slightly better since take-up of digital marketing, though growing rapidly in Birmingham still lags behind London or US cities.

PPC or Search Engine Marketing in Birmingham

If you are planning a digital advertising campaign in Birmingham then you can run this just as easily from anywhere in the world as there is little difference. Obviously you need to research your keywords carefully with special attention to local dialects, but otherwise there is no real difference.
The cost of most competitive keywords lags a much as 15% behind the US West Coast as a result of slightly lower take-up in Digital Advertizing thus far, but this advantage will disappear rapidly over the next year or so.

PR and reputation Management in Birmingham

I am not aware of any agency other than NV8v at the time of writing that offers a competitive online PR and reputation service. The way it is executed in the UK differs somewhat from other countries due to a slightly different landscape and somewhat different attitudes and approaches to online reputation and commenting or reviewing, but nothing too challenging.

NV8v provides a comprehensive set of services and tools enabling any business in Birmingham to plan and achieve their Digital goals and to develop their capabilities at the same time.

We focus on a partnering approach which provides a combination of Advising, training, supporting and/or doing it for you and providing some tools to help you plan and execute your own digital strategy.

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